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PRISM (Policy Register Information System Management) is Stewart's easy-to-use, web-based application tool that gives agents a means to enter policy data and report electronically. PRISM can be accessed from any location via the Internet, and is ideal for offices using a third-party production system and for offices that do not have a production system. This new tool is easy to use and allows agents to view reports before transmitting policies to any SISCO underwriter.

With PRISM, policy information is electronically reported directly to the underwriter, reducing the costs of manual reporting and minimizing the time it takes to produce reports. PRISM recognizes that an endorsement may be entered after a policy and have similar data, therefore the user is only required to input minimal data for the endorsement. It has been designed with maximum user input to accomplish minimal keystrokes for register data entry.

PRISM Features:

  • Web-based electronic policy register reporting
    • Accessible from any location
    • Places date and time stamp on transmissions
    • Previous transmissions accessible online
    • Reports policy information directly to the underwriter
  • Minimizes keystrokes for policies and endorsements
    • File number and effective date defaults from previous policy
    • Users may opt to enter a new file number manually
  • Status reports
    • View at district and agent level
    • Agent activity report shows which policies have been remitted by an agent
    • Policy transmittal report displays which policies have been sent to agency accounting
  • Functional with third-party production systems or as a stand-alone system
  • User accounts
    • District offices can provide user accounts to each office in the district
    • There may be multiple user accounts for each office within a district
  • Collaboration
    • District policies can be reviewed before final approval is submitted to agency accounting

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