Delaware Agencies

Letters of Indemnity

Instructions for Indemnity Letter Requests

Requests for letters of indemnity should be sent via facsimile or email. Faxes should be sent to the attention of Shawn Goldfaden at (410) 761-2177, or you may email to

When requesting a letter, please submit the following information:

  • A copy of the Stewart Title Owner's Policy – if the borrower is unable to supply their policy, a full copy of the HUD-1 will be acceptable
  • A full copy of the requesting settlement agent's commitment
  • A copy of the title report
  • A copy of the item(s) to be indemnified; if it is a lien or judgment, we will need a copy of the item; if it is an unreleased Deed of Trust, please submit the first page unless otherwise directed
  • A cover sheet containing your contact information and the name of your underwriter

All of the above items must be supplied in order for us to process your indemnity letter.

Please expect a five to seven day turnaround for all indemnity requests.