Delaware Agencies

Reporting Procedures

General Guidelines

  • Policies must be grouped by jurisdiction (Maryland, D.C., etc.)
  • Separate policy registers/reports must be completed for each state
  • Policy copies must be included for each policy shown on your policy report/register
  • Policies issued simultaneously should be reported at the same time regardless of whether the policy was a standard or short-form lender's policy
  • Reissue rate premiums must be noted as such and the prior owner's policy amount should be included on your register
  • Register must include your file number, policy number, liability amount, policy date and gross and net premiums
  • The entire policy number (including the letter and prefix) should be entered on your policy register/report
  • All policy registers, with copies and premium remittances, should be sent to the attention of your agency representative at:
    Stewart Title Guaranty Company
    804 Landmark Drive
    Suite 128
    Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061

We include a sample register. If your software is able to generate a policy report/register please be sure the headers on that report match our sample. Again, policies issued in separate states must be reported on separate registers.

NOTE: Each state has its own rates and licensing regulations.

See sample report.