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What is Virtual Underwriter?

With a quick click of a mouse, Virtual Underwriter gives you instant access to all the underwriting information you need via the Internet. The most advanced reference system for the title insurance industry, Virtual Underwriter allows access to more than 6,500 pages of documents and 400,000 hypertext links to resolve issues quickly. In short, you'll have access to Stewart Title Guaranty Company's underwriting information 24 hours a day.

Virtual Underwriter has a collection of the following electronic documents:

  • Underwriting Manual
  • Standard Exceptions
  • Forms
  • Endorsement Guidelines
  • Bulletins
  • Business Practices
  • Master Index
  • Corporate Directory

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What is

In 1956, Stewart Title made its first entrance into markets outside of Texas. In 1970, Stewart Information Services Corporation (SISCO), our holding company, was established so that new business, new opportunities and new challenges might be met. With the well-established STGC as its principal subsidiary, SISCO held a public offering of its stock in March 1972. The year 1975 marked a major turning point in the company when Carlos and Stewart Morris purchased Class B stock control from their cousin, Maco Stewart III. The acquisition of controlling stock enabled Carlos and Stewart to implement new ideas and new goals for the growth of the company. Through their determination and vision, the company has grown to over 3,700 issuing locations insuring property in 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Saipan, Canada and Mexico.

As Stewart Title moves into the 21st century, Malcolm Morris and Stewart Morris, Jr. are pursuing new opportunities. Malcolm Morris, President of Stewart Title Guaranty Company supervises the National Legal Department and National Title Services Department of Stewart Title Guaranty Company, serves on the Board of Stewart Title Insurance Company of New York, oversees our Canadian operations, works with legislative and regulatory matters, works on acquisitions and works with Region G Management within Stewart operations.

Stewart Morris, Jr., President of Stewart Title Company, spearheads the development of Real Estate Information Services that can be provided to domestic and international clients through Landata Inc. In addition, Stewart also guides software development through Landata, works with management and Regions B through F, and Region R on title business, and works with Stewart Mortgage Information (SMI) to develop new products and services to the real estate industry.


What is REI Mall?

In order to provide the most current and reliable information to a wide group of potential customers, Stewart Title has developed the Real Estate Information Mall. The REI Mall is an Internet application that allows users to search for homes, commercial real estate, and/or farm and ranch property.

The Real Estate Information Mall is used by real estate agents to enter property information, much like a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) would. Once the listing is completed and submitted by the user, it is added to the REI Mall database and presented to a worldwide audience of potential buyers. Potential buyers enter the site at their leisure, and use the search facility to narrow down the number of properties within the database that most closely meet their needs. From that point, the buyer then contacts the agent for the property of their choice, and the sales process continues.

In this way, the REI Mall facilitates the property-buying process, and makes the process much more enjoyable. Agents who list their properties on the REI Mall are actually doing "sales work" by advertising their listings on the World Wide Web.

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What is RealEC®?

RealEC allows customers of real-estate-related services, such as lenders, REALTORS® and builders, to electronically order, status and receive services from a variety of service providers. RealEC has emerged as the premier method for conducting electronic commerce in this industry. RealEC today services over 500 customers with access to over 1,500 service providers.

RealEC's electronic commerce network gives real estate service providers (e.g., Title Companies, Appraisers, Flood Determination, Credit Reporting, etc.) an electronic method to order, status and fulfill the request for their services. The primary customers of the service providers include mortgage companies, banking institutions, mortgage brokers, real estate brokers, real estate agents and commercial mortgage brokers. We are an innovative and unique company. For RealEC, that means responding to the demands and needs of the people who are caught up in the confusing maze of processing a real estate transaction.

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