Maine Agencies

Overlimits Authorization Form

The Overlimits Authorization Form is an important form to be completed when a policy is issued for an amount in excess of that permitted under your agency agreement. The form protects you. Under your agency agreement, policies in excess of a stated amount (generally, $1,000,000) are not permitted to be issued without prior written authorization from Stewart. When you complete an Overlimits Authorization Form and submit it to Stewart, we will review the request, and if it is approved, will send the signed authorization back to you. This way you will have proof in your file that the overlimits policy amount has been approved.

The Overlimits Authorization Form is available in a PDF for your convenience. (If you don't have Adobe® Reader, which is necessary to view the forms in PDF, just click the link at the top of this page, to download the application for free.) Also, you can either complete the form online (click "View") or download it to your computer (click "Download") and complete it later.

This form can be completed online and then printed and signed by you.