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*Short Form Loan Policy (PA 100 & 300) Flat Endorsement Fee
**Enhanced Loan Flat Endorsement Fee
Total Premium
plus applicable endorsements

* When issuing a ‘Standard’ Short Form Loan Policy:
The Charge for the ALTA Short Form Residential Loan Policy shall be $100.00 in addition to the otherwise applicable Charge. When this policy form is used, there can be no separate Charge for TIRBOP Endorsements PA 100 and PA 300.

** When issuing an Enhanced Coverage Residential Loan / Short Form Loan:
For the above flat endorsement fee of $200, the Expanded Coverage Residential Loan Policy incorporates the following endorsement coverage within its body by reference without the need to issue endorsements: ALTA Form 4.1-06 (Endorsement PA 810), ALTA Form 5.1-06 (Endorsement PA 820), ALTA Form 6-06 (Endorsement PA 710), ALTA Form 6.2-06 (Endorsement PA 710-6.2), ALTA Form 8.1-06 (Endorsement PA 900), and ALTA Form 9-06 (Endorsement PA 1030).

This calculator DOES NOT INCLUDE choices for all rules or rates: such as for Foreclosures, Extensions or Modifications, Assignments, Postponements, Leasehold, Mechanics’ Liens, Co-Insurance, Sheriff’s Distributions, Lien Certificates, etc.

This Calculator is designed ONLY to provide common results for simple transactions for the circumstances and policy-type choices described therein, using the “Company or Agent Procedure” as defined in the Manual of Title Insurance Rating Bureau of Pennsylvania. You should always verify results with that manual.

Furthermore, if your transaction is complex, uncommon, has a special circumstance, the choices in the calculator don’t seem to apply or match, or any combination of the latter, you should contact your Stewart Underwriting Representative for an accurate calculation.

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The charges set forth herein may vary and additional charges will be made when unusual conditions of title are encountered, when special risks are insured against, or when special services are requested.