STEPS allows title agencies to streamline their business operations by reducing the time and physical space dedicated to policy jacket inventory. In addition, STEPS eliminates the need to manually complete policy registers and create jackets, while allowing agencies to auto-track policy status and numbers through its simple Web browser application.  There’s no installation, and best of all, there’s no cost to implement it Benifits of STEPS include:

  1. Track the status of all your policy jackets in a centralized location
  2. Generate a time stamp on all policy jackets created, printed or cancelled
  3. Spend less time on inventory management and in-house audits
  4. Produce short forms more quickly and accurately
  5. Access the application 24/7 via the Internet – no installation and no cost
  6. Enter multiple transaction codes per policy jacket which will flow over to the electronic policy reporting system for more efficient electronic reporting
  7. Report on the policies jackets created
  8. Auto-assigns policy numbers
  9. Eliminate log books or lost policy inventory
  10. Receive verification that policy jackets have been received and processed through STEPS account