Texas Agencies

Helpful Hints

  • Consult the appropriate District Manager first for approval to become an agent;
  • Obtain the appropriate license documents from Theresa Olivier , Texas Licensing Coordinator;
  • Make sure the Agency name is the true and exact name on all applications and /or contracts (i.e. QRS Title Company dba TUV Title Co.);
  • The Plant Inspection certification date can't be more than 30 days prior to the submission to the Texas Department of Insurance;
  • An Abstract Plant form is required for each county that you wish to be licensed in;
  • Include all documentation requested with each application and package;
  • All forms should be filled out in its entirety;
  • Surrender of Original Title Agent License (Agents currently licensed with Stewart, be sure to include your Original Title Agent License for any changes);
  • Check all forms for required Date and Signatures;
  • Title Agent Bond (New Agents never before licensed, minimum amount on bond is $10,000. Current Agents doing business in Texas need to have 10% of the gross premium in accordance with the latest statistical report not to exceed $100,000) **Make sure Bond is signed;
  • Escrow Officer Bond (Texas Department of Insurance requires coverage of $5,000 per Escrow Officer not to exceed $50,000 on the Escrow Officer Bond ** Make sure the bond is signed and for face value);
  • Fingerprint cards can be obtained from your local law enforcement office;
  • Make sure to complete all personal data on your fingerprint card;
  • ASK QUESTIONS! (Call Theresa Olivier, Texas Licensing Coordinator (800) 252-9229)

Licensing Applications