Culture of Caring

Our Culture of Caring

Protecting property ownership is only one way our employees make a difference in our communities. Here at Stewart, we care for the communities we live in and serve. From company culture, customer service, to community and sustainability initiatives, our Culture of Caring stretches across the globe.

Inclusion and Diversity

We believe our customers, employees, partners and agents are best served when people with different backgrounds and experiences come together to produce exceptional outcomes. Our employees are required to review and adhere to our strict policy prohibiting harassment or discrimination based on race, color, origin, creed, gender identity, pregnancy or related medical conditions, age, national origin or ancestry, physical or mental disability, genetic information or any other consideration protected by applicable law. We strive to create a work environment that reflects the customers we serve.

One big step we are taking in this direction is by supporting the women in our communities. With women making up 75% of our work force, we strive to provide everyone the opportunity to succeed while valuing the strength our different perspectives foster.

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Everyone Seen. Everyone Heard. Everyone Celebrated.

With the establishment of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Committee, Stewart is committed to representing, supporting and serving marginalized communities and groups with clear action in our recruitment, outreach and service processes. We strive to provide everyone the opportunity to succeed while valuing the strength our different perspectives and experiences foster.

Strengthening Our Employee Value Proposition

  • Diversified university relations with underrepresented groups, including Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) and programs for intercultural studies for a diverse talent pool of interns.
  • Evolved recruiting practices that focus on more diverse job boards geared towards veterans, minorities, women, the LGBTQ+ community, people with disabilities and more. 
  • Added additional floating holidays for employees to observe, honor and celebrate the days that matter most to them and their families and take time to volunteer in their communities.
  • Enhanced paid parental leave in 2023, including childbirth and bonding time off, to allow parents the time they need to bond when bringing a child into their families.
  • Invested in better health insurance options to support employees with rising health care costs.
  • Introduced our employee stock purchase plan to help our employees build and increase their wealth.


A Snapshot of Our Workforce

U.S. Workforce

Gender - 2020 Male 24%, Female 76%. 2021 Male 25%, Female 75%.

Across gender lines, our percentages for new hires stayed consistent with those of our existing workforce.

Ethnic Minorities - 2020 Non-Minority 76%, Ethnic Minorities 24%. 2021 Non-Minority 74.5%, Ethnic Minorities 25.5%

Ethnic minorities made up 28.5% of our new hires in 2021, reflecting our increasing commitment to workforce diversity.

Generational Overview of Our Employees

Gen Y and Gen Z made up 61% of total new hires for 2021.

Breakout of Employee Tenure

2020. 24% less than 2 years. 19% 2-4 years. 21% 5-9 years. 12% 10-14 years. 10% 15-19 years. 14% 20 or more years. 2021. 29% less than 2 years. 17% 2-4 years. 20% 5-9 years. 11% 10-14 years. 9% 15-19 years. 14% 20 or more years. All demographic data as of March 2022. Source: Stewart instance of ADP HR system

In Support of Communities Everywhere

Founded in 2020, the Stewart Title Foundation is a part of our larger effort to give back to the communities where we work and live. Through the Foundation, we have implemented various initiatives including our Community Service Awards, Stewart Scholarship fund and donation commitments to more than a dozen enterprise partners. While these initiatives are at the corporate level, we are proud to see our local offices giving back on their own through donations, volunteering and raising awareness of organizations to make a difference in their own communities.

Our Partnerships

Houston Foodbank
American Land Title Association Good Deeds Foundation
MBA open Doors Foundation
Habitat for Humanity
American Red Cross
Child Advocates
ADI logo Appraiser Diversity Initiative
Habitat for Humanity
FannieMae | Future Housing Leaders

Community Service Awards

Our Community Service Awards program recognizes the generous actions of our U.S. employees with a donation to organizations of their choice. In 2021, the company provided awards from the Foundation to those charitable organizations, further supporting employees’ efforts in their local communities. Since the program's inception, over 778 charities, foundations and other nonprofits spanning a variety of categories received a donation.

Over 472 charities
Animal 23%. Health and Disease 23%. Education and Children/Youth 20%. Hunger and Poverty 16%. Arts and Community 7%. Veterans 5%. Human Rights and Social Justice 3%. Environment 3%.
The charities were spread across the U.S. in 45 states and the District of Columbia.

Stewart Scholarship Fund

Since 2006, we have awarded 130 scholarships supporting continuing education for high school seniors whose parents work for Stewart, $643,750 through the Max Crisp Scholarship fund and $170,000 through the Stewart Scholarship fund which launched in 2020. We are proud to share we increased our scholarship pool in 2022 to provide 52 scholarships, more than any other year.

In 2021, We Gave $79,000 for 37 Scholarships


Our Employees in Action

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For more information about our environmental, social and governance efforts, see our ESG report.