Our Impact on the Environment

At Stewart, we are invested in learning how to expand our efforts to positively affect the environment and set the right benchmarks and goals to track this.

Stewart launched an Environmental Management Committee in 2022 that works to establish goals for the company in conjunction with leadership. This team is responsible for providing a comprehensive assessment of all owned and leased spaces with a goal of reporting on all spaces with available environmental information. They are also responsible for offering recommendations for reducing the company’s environmental impact.


A Snapshot of Our Results in 2023

As a result of Stewart’s management of our information technology asset disposal and in conjunction with our R2-certified vendor1, we were able to recycle or reuse substantially all disposed assets in 2023.

1 R2-certified vendors are certified by Sustainable Electronics Recycling International and are trained to ensure that end-of-life electronics and their components are handled safely.

2 Based on data provided by our vendor, CompuCycle®

Spotlight on Technology: NotaryCam

NotaryCam®, a pioneering digital notarization platform owned by Stewart, connects all parties and documents in a virtual closing room while maintaining the process integrity and compliance that instills confidence.

Our goal is to reduce not only the stress of traditional closings, but also the mounds of paper and trips to title company offices,” says Brian Webster, president of NotaryCam. “There are enough cars and couriers on the road.

NotaryCam closed more than 31,000 transactions online in 2023.

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For more information about our environmental, social and governance efforts, see our Sustainability report.


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