Our Impact on the Environment

At Stewart, we are invested in learning how to expand our efforts to positively affect the environment and set the right benchmarks and goals to track this. Our Environmental Management Committee (EMC), launched in 2022, is working to establish goals for the company in conjunction with leadership.

The EMC will focus on these areas: 

  • Gather a comprehensive assessment of all owned and leased spaces with a goal of reporting on all spaces with available environmental information.
  • Set benchmarks for net zero carbon.
  • Understand the impact COVID-19 has had on the company’s energy usage, waste management and GHG emissions.

With these, the Environmental Management Committee will be able to make recommendations for reducing the company’s environmental impact. 

A Snapshot of Our Results in 2021

Electronic signings enabled us to save more than 4.7 million sheets of paper. Based on data provided by our vendor, Docusign®.
Our paper recycling prevented more than 13,000 trees from being destroyed. Based on data provided by our vendor, Iron Mountain.

In conjunction with our R2-certified vendor, Stewart’s management of our information technology asset disposal resulted in all disposed assets in 2021 being recycled or reused.

2021 Resold and Recycled. LCD monitor 34% resold 66% Recycled. PC 77% resold 23% recycled. Laptop 48% resold 52% recycled. Network equipment 19% resold 81% recycled.  Printer 100% recycled.  Server 9% resold 91% recycled. Server rack 100% recycled.

Total landfill avoided: 21,208 lbs.  |  Amount reused: 5,505 lbs.  |  Amount recycled: 15,714 lbs.

Get the Full Report on Our Efforts

For more information about our environmental, social and governance efforts, see our ESG report.