Virtual Underwriter®

Close faster with our online underwriting reference system.

Stewart Virtual Underwriter® provides valuable guidance that can help you complete closings. You can easily access reference materials anytime online, allowing you to quickly respond to your customers’ needs.

With Virtual Underwriter, attorneys, title offices and lenders have access to information, day or night. Instead of searching through volumes of reference materials, the information you need is readily available with a single click. Virtual Underwriter is simple to use and offers a host of information, such as:

  • Bulletins
  • State-by-state guide to title-related real estate practices
  • Policy forms and endorsements
  • Endorsement guidelines
  • USA PATRIOT Act database
  • Standard exceptions
  • National and state-by-state underwriting manuals

At Stewart Title Commercial Services, helping make your job easier by providing tools and solutions to get your deals done is our goal.

Virtual Underwriter Tutorial

Virtual Underwriter was created to make it easier for you to find the reference materials you need to successfully complete your closings. Now, as the result of a major upgrade, Virtual Underwriter is easier to use – providing you with better search capabilities and faster results while saving you time. Learn more by watching the tutorial video.