Title Tenets Webinar Series

What Makes Energy Deals Different — All The Way From A To Z

February 2023

The energy market requires experience with negotiated insurance contracts, non-real property rights, lenders wearing investor hats, energy-specific endorsements, expanded search parameters, Home Office Approvals, governmental landlords, crossing consents and lots of minerals, sometimes all at once. This webinar will go over how to navigate the obstacles and get your energy deals done.

Businessman's hands capture glowing light bulb surrounded with aura of diverse energy icons.

Presented by NCS, Stewart Title Energy Group

John H. Agle — Counsel, Energy Specialist
Dawn M. Anderson — Associate Senior Underwriter
Lindsey Lindbloom, RPL — Senior Account Manager
Lacy Ward McCormick — Senior Counsel

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Note: Watching the recorded webinar does not necessarily mean you will receive CLE credit.

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