A Leading Global Title Insurance Provider

Title Insurance Policies Available

Title policy availability is specific to local market conditions and transaction particulars. Many of the markets in which we have local offices provide both residential and commercial policies. Outside of these markets, we provide commercial policies where political and legal stability permit our doing so and the country’s land records are accessible.


An owner policy protects an insured’s ownership interest against losses incurred as a result of several types of pre-existing undetected or unknown title defects, liens and encumbrances.


A lender policy protects the validity, priority and enforceability of the insured lender’s mortgage, as well as coverage for actual losses arising from certain defects covered under the policy in relation to the mortgage.


Covers specifically identified title defects rather than the full range of matters covered by an Owner policy. As only specific defects are covered, coverage can be arranged with minimal delay, and the policy language is tailored to the specific defect.

Registration Gap

Covers the insured’s risk against non-registration or intervening claims being registered during the gap period between the date a document is submitted for registration and the date the land registry issues its decision concerning registration. By covering the registration risk during the gap period, the policy allows funds to be dispersed earlier, with obvious benefits to the project.

Global Advantage Title® (GAT)

Specially tailored to meet the needs of U.S. based companies participating in cross-border real estate transactions, the GAT policy is a contract of indemnity controlled by U.S. law, which provides many of the same or similar coverages that Americans are accustomed to receiving in American transactions.


Many standard American Land Title Association® (ALTA®)-type endorsements are available; however, certain ALTA endorsements will not be applicable in an international transaction.