International Title and Settlement Services

Foreign Investment in the U.S.

The real estate industry has become a global business, and a growing number of buyers are eager to invest in properties located in other countries. However, along with this eagerness comes various challenges, risks and uncertainties. Whether you are a U.S.-based customer who is buying real estate in a foreign country or non-U.S.-based customer who is investing in real estate in the United States, you need a title company that not only helps safeguard your investments, but also assists you and your attorney through the entire buying process. You need a company like Stewart Title.

In addition to being a leading provider of title insurance and real estate services, Stewart Title is committed to your success. And it starts with the genuine relationship we establish with you. We work as a partner you can count on to help steer you through the complexities of your transaction, while also customizing solutions to help you close your deals. Also, our global network of talented, skilled professionals provides personal service along with a full array of title services, including:

  • Market-specific products and services that provide local solutions
  • A single point of contact regardless of property location(s)
  • Innovative and eco-friendly technology solutions that provide all parties unlimited access to a transaction, while enhancing the customer experience

At Stewart Title, we assist you in navigating and understanding local customs, cultures, laws and procedures so you can feel comfortable buying property in any region.