International Title and Settlement Services

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Our full scope of title-and-escrow services and policies meet local and international regulations. They also give you confidence to move deals ahead.

No matter where you plan to acquire property, you must consider the local jurisdictional laws, procedures and risks that govern your transaction. Most active real estate markets have a system for organizing and recording property purchases, but they vary widely throughout the world.

For instance, in some jurisdictions, title registries may offer some protection to registered owners and/or mortgagees. In others, purchasers may have to rely on legal opinions based on excerpts from official title records. In all cases, securing a "good title" is essential to a successful transaction and your peace of mind – and a trusted partner can help you enjoy both.

Stewart's title guarantees and title insurance policies are crafted to address the title issues of each foreign jurisdiction. Our senior underwriters and local offices collaborate to deliver market-driven title protections and address any local concerns for a smoother conveyance process.

Whether you’re a real estate developer, investor or commercial buyer, our International Group will help secure your land purchases by protecting against the unexpected and streamlining the real estate process

Owner policies protect insured parties from covered losses due to improperly vested title, defects, liens and encumbrances.

Lender policies cover losses arising from various covered risks, including the mortgage being unenforceable and not having the priority as stated in the policy.

A leasehold policy offers similar protections as contained in Stewart’s Owner and Lender policies, as they relate to leasehold interests.

Single-risk indemnities
A title may have certain known risks that either legally or economically cannot be cured; Stewart has developed policies that insure risk associated with a known title defect.

Gap coverage
Gap coverage is a contract of indemnity that provides the lending bank the assurance that its mortgage will be registered in the title registry and that the bank will have the first or priority position during the period between the date of its application and the mortgage registration.

Stewart's Global Advantage Title® (GAT®)
A GAT policy is especially tailored to meet the needs of individuals or companies participating in cross-border real estate transactions; the GAT policy is a contract of indemnity under U.S. law and provides many of the same or similar coverages Americans are used to getting in American transactions.

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, one of the most important considerations is whether – and under which conditions – the transaction funds will be safely held and distributed by an independent party. In an international transaction, this issue is even more important and, often, more complicated, as the purchaser or the seller may not be familiar or comfortable having funds deposited in an unfamiliar jurisdiction.

At Stewart Title, we understand this concern – which is why we offer escrow services that provide cost-effective security to all parties in the real estate transaction. With experience on billions of dollars’ worth of transactions, our escrow team can administer deposited funds, ensuring an efficient and secure disbursement process – and greater peace of mind that your transaction is in good hands.