International Title and Settlement Services

Residential Services

The word "title" refers to a person's ownership interest in their property. By purchasing title insurance, homeowners are protecting their ownership to their property and the use of the property. A title policy is purchased for a one-time fee and, once acquired, protects the policyholder as long as they hold an interest in the property.

Coverage is provided for losses arising from risks such as:

  • Invalid documents executed under expired/non-existent power
  • False assumption of identity concerning the legitimate property owner
  • Liens and financial burdens charged to the previous property owner
  • Any document upon which title is based is invalid because of forgery or impersonation, lack of capacity, fraud, incompetency or other disability
  • Hidden heirs of previous property owners

What does a title guaranty provide?

  • Payment of legal expenses to defend a guaranteed title
  • Payment of valid claims up to the value of the guaranty*
  • Thorough investigation of the title prior to issuance of title guaranty

* This website provides information of a general nature. Refer to your policy for specific coverage details.