Default Servicing Solutions

Stewart understands that servicers need to maximize productivity while also navigating an ever-changing regulatory landscape. When managing or acquiring loan portfolios, we know that your ability to effectively manage your borrowers will determine your success. We work with you to develop a customized outsourcing solution as an extension of your operation that is both compliant and cost effective.

Short Sale Management

We have a comprehensive approach to short sales. Starting from the confidential minimum reserve number, we review offers from qualified buyers on behalf of all involved parties. If no timely qualified offers are received, we will engage the borrower in deed-in-lieu of foreclosure discussions and assist the transition of the property back to the lender/servicer.

Pre-Foreclosure Title

Available in all 50 states, this innovative solution is designed to help attorneys and lenders determine the current condition of a property title where the borrowers are in financial distress. The report includes a two-owner search, vesting information, open liens, judgments and pending lawsuits as well as tax information and myriad of other data.

REO Title Curative and Settlement Solutions

Stewart Lender Services can help with the ever-increasing challenges you face around the management and disposition of REO properties. We have a full range of solid processes complemented by knowledgeable people that can quickly provide solutions to your specific needs.

Default Title Search Services

Take advantage of our flexible solutions that allow you to concentrate on your business rather than searches. Stewart Lender Services can handle a large capacity of searches while meeting your needs with customized options.

Trustee Sale Guarantee

We understand the importance of making sure all regulations are followed throughout the foreclosure proceedings and are here to help. A Trustee Sale Guarantee is an insured product that gives you, the foreclosure trustee, all the information you need regarding who should be notified of the foreclosure.