Expedite Your Title Decisions with Stewart Accelerate

Save Time and Money in Minutes

Working with Stewart means access to technology tailor-made to your needs. Stewart Accelerate™ is a robust title search platform that will simplify your workflows so you can make title decisions efficiently. Here are some of the many benefits of using this exclusive tool.

Eliminates the need for Property Index and/or General Index plant/abstractor search for qualified transactions.

Efficient Title Curative

Reduces risk by reconciling liens and encumbrances against an additional data source and gives information on mortgage servicer and existing account numbers.

Streamline Unreleased Records

Use of MERS and credit data allows for a systematic process to clear closed mortgages that are unreleased in public records.

Instant Decisions

Delivers an instant predictive decision based on the complexity of the transaction.

Cost Savings at Your Fingertips

Stewart Accelerate can provide cost saving results in seconds for certain products that might not need a more traditional search and examination.

Stewart Accelerate

How it Works

Unlike traditional manual title methods, this platform uses artificial intelligence to review your title order against our established underwriting rules and title principles. Let’s walk through how Stewart Accelerate prepares title decisions.

  1. Deliver title order through TPS integration or directly through the Stewart Accelerate portal.
  2. Stewart Accelerate will determine whether all data exists for processing.
  3. Stewart Accelerate then pulls property data, consumer data, and in some cases, document copies.
  4. Based on data retrieved, Stewart Accelerate instantaneously analyzes all data against Stewart’s underwriting guidelines.
  5. Results are presented in the form of a report indicating a Pass, which means search can be bypassed, or if limited curative or a full search is required.
  6. Final Stewart Accelerate decision can be delivered via PDF document immediately along with recorded documents in select markets.
  7. For transactions graded with “Accelerate”, you can proceed with the title commitment based on the Stewart Accelerate report. If not, an additional search and curative process will be required based on the Stewart Accelerate findings.

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