Outsource Your Title Policy Production with Stewart and ASK Services

As a title agent your days are busy, your schedules are full and your tasks are everchanging. That’s why it’s important to have a title partner that provides the tools and resources that help make doing business easier. ASK Services is Stewart’s own innovative public record research firm that provides title policy production services.

How ASK Helps Your Business

  • Keeps you current on policy typing despite closing volume fluctuation
  • Moves policy typing from a fixed cost model to a variable cost model
  • Allows you to spend time on things that drive your business forward

The sign-up process is as easy as:

  1. Reviewing of your process for producing policies. Observed via screen share or share job-aid.
  2. Getting finalized price quote per policy. This typically ranges from $10-$18, depending on the timing.*
  3. Receiving credentials for client’s Title Production System (TPS) and performing a few tests to ensure alignment and quality.

Let Stewart handle your policy production tasks, so you can focus your staff’s time and energy on the tasks that help differentiate you from the competition.

* Plus access fees if applicable.

For additional information email sales@ask-services.com or contact your Stewart Agency Representative.