The Wire Fraud Protection You and Your Customers Deserve

Get it through our Stewart Trusted Provider Deal with CertifID

It’s time to level-up against wire fraud and protect your company and customers from this risk.  As a Stewart Trusted Provider™, you can empower your teams and help your customers steer clear of falling victim to wire fraud with protection through CertifID. This benefit is yours at a tremendous savings that’s exclusive to Stewart Trusted Providers who close with Stewart. 

CertifID is a secure platform designed specifically for title professionals that: 

  • Provides authentication of the parties in a real estate transaction 
  • Guarantees the secure transfer of bank account information and funds 
  • Protects each wire transfer up to $1,000,000 against fraud

The standard rate for CertifID is $8 per wire transfer. But through our Stewart Preferred™ program and our exclusive partnership with CertifID, Stewart Trusted Providers will pay just $3 per wire for the country’s leading wire fraud protection that includes $1,000,000 per wire transfer. That’s a savings of $5 per wire transfer and a tremendous value to you.  Without this protection, you and your customers may be at risk every time they wire money or send sensitive information. Protect them with CertifID.

Stewart & CertifID

A message from CertifID Co-Founder and CEO Tom Cronkright

Don’t wait to start protecting your customers. Click the link below to learn more about CertifID and how you can take advantage of this opportunity.