eClosing Online Collaboration Platform – Pavaso


Pavaso provides a digital closing platform enabling collaboration with the stakeholders involved in the closing transaction, primarily the lender, title company and consumer. It supports both hybrid and full eClosing capabilities.


Through online portal technology, the lender and title company can upload their documents for viewing by the consumer in advance of the closing and the borrower can acknowledge the documents that they have reviewed, approving them in advance.


The platform also enables electronic signatures and dates to be affixed to all documents by the consumer as well as enable the notarial process to be digitized where allowable.



We are happy to announce that Stewart has negotiated a premier discounted rate for our Stewart Trusted Providers. 


Transaction Fees 

  • Lender Initiated Transaction 
    • $20.00 per transaction 
  • Title Initiated Transaction
    • $20.00 – Cash Transaction
    • $75.00 – Any other transaction involving a lender who is not a Pavaso customer where that agent opts to use the system to manage the closing and lender docs eNotary Fees – only required for notaries in states where eNotary is pemitted. 
  • $99.00 per notary – one time fee. This fee will be waived for all agent notaries onboarded by May, 31, 2018
  • $50.00 per notary – annually to validate notary with state 



  • $750.00 per additional training session.

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