eNotary Log: The Online Three-Step Notary

As a Stewart Trusted Provider, you can always count on us to offer tools and resources that help you do business quickly and efficiently. We’re excited to introduce a service that provides everything your business needs to notarize documents in a safe and convenient space: eNotary Log.  

eNotary Log is an online notarization service that provides multiple, remote notary options, including agent notaries, eNotaryLog notaries and signing services. It allows your clients to notarize anytime, anywhere via a simple three-step process: identity verification, upload of documents and notary of documents. 

The platform includes a convenient organizational dashboard with multiple access points that seamlessly integrate into your preexisting systems. With eNotary Log you can access:

  • Previously notarized documents
  • Notary session videos
  • Session details 
  • Audit trails 

What’s more, the MISMO® certified eNotary Log boasts a host of benefits including:

  • Time and cost reduction 
  • No shipping expenses
  • Improved recording and delivery
  • Secure audio/video storage trail 

Get all this and more with the eNotary Log. Plus, Stewart Trusted Providers get 10% off. 

To sign up, contact us at enterprise@enotarylog.com or 855.255.5808, mention you’re a Stewart agent, and we’ll get you started.