eRecording - Simplifile

Simplifile Helps Make Your Business’s Document Recording Easier

In today’s industry, your business needs services that are simplified, convenient and that help you get your deals done. As a Stewart Trusted Provider™ (STP), you can count on Stewart Title Agency Services to ensure you have access to such services like Simplifile, a web-based service that allows you to securely and electronically upload documents for recording, without having to go into the county office.   


With Simplifile checks are no longer necessary. After your documents are sent, the county receives, reviews and records the documents—typically within minutes. Then Simplifile pays the recorder for you and then electronically pulls the fees via ACH debit from a designated bank account the next business day.


What’s more, as a STP your first year annual fee* is free of charge with just a $4.50 submission fee per document. Plus, Simplifile also has a host of additional benefits including: a reduced recording gap, eliminated check-writing expenses, increased effectiveness and efficiency, 24/7 dedicated customer support and much more.


*Annual fee is free for the first year, $195 for subsequent years per location.


Sign up for Simplifile today! Download our step-by-step form to get started.


For additional questions about our partnership with Simplifile, contact your Stewart Agency Services representative.