AIM+® Title and Escrow Production System

Accelerate your workflow and enhance the real estate process with AIM+. Whether your transaction is local or national, residential or commercial, AIM+ offers comprehensive order entry in a scalable technology product that can be tailored to your business needs.

Easily customizable to your geographic location or unique business process, AIM+ allows you to define tracking locations to match office workflow. In addition, AIM+ integrates all functions through a single point of data entry, which allows information to flow throughout the application.

Experience full integration with other products and systems

AIM+ is integrated with Stewart's SureClose® document management system and Orders Gateway™ title-ordering platform. When a lender places an order through Orders Gateway, the order information flows directly into AIM+. AIM+ also offers click-to-order integration with Orders Gateway, which enables users to order searches directly from within AIM+ and import search information.


  • National pricing program for estimated title premiums, closing costs, recording fees and transfer taxes
  • Electronic policy transmission to the underwriter
  • Ability to populate placeholders and immediately preview documents
  • Property validation at order entry and in closing
  • Integration with SureClose and Orders Gateway
  • Robust escrow accounting module with audit controls


  • Time savings resulting from integrations with other systems
  • Reduced keystrokes
  • Increased accuracy
  • Increased peace of mind thanks to AIM+’s granular security (users can set permissions for separation of duties)
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