Escrow Account Reconciliation Services

Reconciling escrow accounts is not only required by Stewart, and the law, it also protects you against potential fraud and claims due to neglecting to reconcile escrow accounts. Escrow account reconciliation services from Stewart Financial Services (SFS) can help you stay on top of your reconciliation needs when you don't have the time or expertise to reconcile your accounts yourself. Plus, using their service will also provide you with peace of mind knowing that your accounts are being reconciled and analyzed by an independent third party.

Experience a high level of service while reducing your risk and protecting your investment.

Stewart Financial Services works with your office to develop a solution specifically to meet your business needs. SFS offers monthly, weekly or daily reconciliation services on any existing or new escrow account, and can perform reconciliations on any title and escrow production system that is capable of performing a three-way reconciliation (including AIM®, SoftPro®, Title Express®, RamQuest, Landtech, Closers' Choice and more).

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(800) 729-1900, ext. 8101


  • Reconcile escrow accounts directly in your system, no re-entering in third party software
  • Reconcile your accounts via remote access to your computer or application service provider (ASP)
  • Full reconciliation report packet each month including trial balance, outstanding checks, deposits and wires
  • Risk management procedures, including a monthly risk analysis and report
  • Timely reconciliations – typically returned within 10 business days of statement receipt
  • One point of contact that you can call or email with any questions regarding your account or assistance with your software
  • Assistance with following up on unknown items in your account and preparing for audits


  • Increases your efficiency by allowing you to focus on actual issues in your account instead of completing the reconciliation
  • Saves you money by reducing the need to pay additional salary, benefits and supplies
  • Gives you peace of mind knowing your account is reconciled and you've identified issues