Orders Gateway™

Finding a better way to order title services as well as provide ordering solutions for your lender customers would make your life so much easier. With Orders Gateway, you finally get the help you need. 

Placing orders is now easier for you, easier for your lender customers

This innovative product gives agencies the ability to order title searches from Stewart's reputable network of searchers for purchase and refinance transactions, obtaining foreclosure reports or getting general property information and insurance. Also, with the click-to-order integration with AIM+®/AIM for Windows® and SoftPro®, ordering through Orders Gateway is as simple as the touch of a button.

In addition, Orders Gateway makes it easy for your lender customers to order title services from you. They can get a quote through GFExpressQuote® and automatically turn that quote into an order with the GFExpressQuote®/Orders Gateway integration. All you need to do is subscribe to GFExpressQuote® and Quote2Order to take advantage of this service and provide your lenders with a better level of service.

If you’re ready to improve your title search ordering process and increase business from lenders, take advantage of Orders Gateway today. 


  • Order and provide linked title reports to customers
  • Integrates with most title and escrow production systems, allowing you to import title search and order information
  • Click-to-order integration with AIM+/AFW and SoftPro, allowing you to order searches directly from these systems
  • Additional E&O coverage available on searches for non-Stewart policies with SearchInsure
  • Integrates with GFExpressQuote® so lender customers can easily turn quotes into orders
  • Integrates with Calyx Software® so lenders using Calyx® Point can order services from you directly from within their software


  • Save time with multiple integrations for reduced keystrokes
  • Generate more business from lenders with quote-to-order services
  • Reduce the work required from lenders to request quotes and place orders
  • Gain peace of mind knowing title searches are insured
  • Increase efficiency by ordering from one centralized location

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