Funding and Escrow Services Defined By A Smoother Process

Ever increasing regulations call for added measures of precaution. Today many lenders now require title company underwriters to hold and disburse funds on certain transactions. Since funding is often a hectic and fast-paced process, lenders need confidence that their title agent provides not only expertise, but also a smooth experience. With Stewart Agency Services, you can offer that.

As part of Stewart’s funding and escrow services, we offer holding and disbursement services based on a lender’s unique needs. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Holding earnest money deposits for your agency until the transaction is ready to close or until all requirements have been met
  • Handling partial or complete disbursements based on a lender’s instructions and your agency’s requirements
  • Investing funds on your behalf, opening and managing the accounts as directed by the agreement to invest funds
  • Acting as escrow agent on your behalf while working with developers on large condominium projects 

With Stewart you have a partner who delivers a smooth experience – not just where holding and disbursements are concerned, but any time a lender’s many needs are involved.

For more information on our funding and escrow service, contact us today at (800) 729-1900, ext. 4184 or email