Electronic Reporting Tools

PRISM (Policy Register Information System Management)
This is a web based method of entering policy register information that is transmitted over the Internet. Sites can have access to view the transmittal reports online at any time. This tool is ideal for those using third-party production systems or who do not have a production system.

AFW(AIM® for Windows®)
This is a PropertyInfo Corporation, a Stewart Company, register reporting product that helps expedite order entry, document preparation, closing, escrow accounting, file tracking and reporting. Its flexibility enables you to customize forms. It is expandable, enabling you to grow your system. And its efficiency will dramatically improve your productivity and consequently, your order turnaround.

AIM+ is a PropertyInfo Corporation production system for title and escrow. AIM+ allows users to report policy information directly to Stewart Policy Services. Policy Register is integrated into AIM+ significantly improving productivity. AIM+ Policy Register module reports Policy Register data to Stewart Policy Services, Stewart Prior File data, as well as images of the policies. AIM+ is a web based product for policy reporting and includes other modules as well: order entry, document preparations, closing, escrow accounting, file tracking and reports.

Format B
Excel spreadsheet specifically formatted for upload to the Policy Services production system. It can be used for any state due to the number of available fields in the spreadsheet to accommodate all reporting requirements. Any fields that are not needed can be hidden or ignored but never deleted. Format guidelines are in the header of each column. Each record, policy, endorsement, etc., must be in its own row. Please contact the Policy Services Customer Care Center (psccc@stewart.com) (713) 729-1905 for this spreadsheet to be emailed to you.