Where do I send my underwriter remittance check and policy copies?
Please send mail relating to policy reporting and payment remittance, for all states other than New York and Georgia, to the following addresses: 

For USPS Mail:
Stewart Title Guaranty Company
P.O. Box 30105
College Station, Texas 77842  

For Overnight or Expedited Deliveries:
Stewart Title Guaranty Company
211 Quality Circle
College Station, Texas 77845

Mail relating to New York and Georgia policy reporting and payment remittance should continue to be sent to the following addresses:

For New York Mail:                                          
Stewart Title Insurance Company
Policy Services
300 East 42nd Street, 10th floor
New York, New York 10017

For Georgia Mail:
Stewart Title Guaranty Company
200 Mansell Court East, Suite 400
Roswell, Georgia 30076

How do I request a policy copy?
When requesting a copy of a policy, please have the following information available:

  1. Policy serial number and/or file (order) number.
  2. Issuing agency name and/or agency ID number.
  3. State where the property is located.
    It is important to note that Policy Services is unable to provide a duplicate original or certified policy copy. The Policy Services department can only provide a copy of what has been reported. To generate a request, please click here.

    Assistance with any of the following services Policy Services provides can be obtained by contacting the Policy Services Customer Care Center at psccc@stewart.com or (800) 729-1905.
  • Processing title policy data reported by agencies
  • Processing underwriter title premiums remitted by agencies
  • Preparing and delivery of monthly premium account invoices
  • Reconciling title premium receivable accounts
  • Maintaining permanent records of title policy information
  • Reconciling policy inventory
  • Customer Care Support
  • Tracking electronic reporting