Closings by Type

Level of Technology Reliance

As eClosings transform the closing process in real estate transactions, Stewart has stayed on top of new developments to make the closing experience the best it can be.

The following is a brief description of the types of closings available today* as they move from traditional pen-and-paper to fully online.

*Not all types are available in all markets.

Level 1: Traditional Closing

All documents are "wet signed" on paper, with the signers, notary and witnesses all in the same room. 

Level 2: Hybrid eClosing

All parties appear in person all in the same room to eSign and eNotarize some documents and "wet sign" others.**

Level 3: Full eClosing

All parties appear in person and sign all documents electronically in the same room as the eNotary. Documents are suitable for eRecording by county clerks and recorders.

Level 4: Online eClosing

In an online eClosing (remote online notarization) everything is eSigned and eNotarized using audio and video webcam technology. Documents are suitable for eRecording by county clerks and recorders.

**eSignature consent and lender approval required.

Disclaimer: eClosing may not be available under your state’s laws and regulations. Contact your local Stewart underwriter before you proceed to issue a policy of title insurance for specific state underwriting guidelines and requirements for eClose real estate transactions. Stewart makes no express or implied warranties with regard to and shall have no liability for any errors or omissions or for the results of the use of such material. Do not assume this information is error-free. It is not intended to direct your closing practices or change the provisions of Stewart’s underwriting agreements. This is for informational/instructional purposes only and does not constitute the giving of legal advice or establish an attorney-client relationship.