What is eClosing?

Today’s consumers expect better experiences through digital solutions. By digitizing the closing process, we provide a better experience for home buyers and sellers as well as our lender and real estate agent partners, while enabling you to transform your business.

Currently, three forms of eClosing exist: a hybrid eClosing, a full eClosing, and an online eClosing (also known in the industry as remote online notarization). Their availability depends on laws at both the state and county levels. Contact the Stewart underwriter for your state to learn what’s available in your area: stewart.com/underwriting.

How do the three types differ?

  • Hybrid eClosing – Some documents are eSigned and eNotarized; others are “wet signed” and notarized in the traditional way, with all parties in attendance.
  • Full eClosing – Documents are electronically signed and notarized with all parties in attendance and in the same room as the eNotary.
  • Online eClosing – Documents are eSigned and eNotarized with parties interacting through videoconferencing.