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New Releases

ATS 9.22.0 is scheduled to deploy on July 18, 2020. Refer to the latest Release Notes for details on enhancements and fixed defects.

Browser Compatibility

Stewart will no longer support using Firefox for Advanced Title Search. The new preferred browser for ATS is Chrome. If you do not have Chrome and need to install or configure it for ATS, please review this Installation and Configuration Guide or contact the Customer Care Center at (855) 330-2800 or email for assistance.

What is ATS?

ATS™ (Advanced Title Search) is an automatic process that searches all records related to a real estate transaction to establish that a property has clear title before a future transaction can take place. The Title Search is automatic, so processing begins immediately following receipt of the request and it completes in minutes.

ATS offers searchers and examiners a web-based automated search tool with many benefits including:

  • The ability to link images.
  • A one-stop shop for running multiple searches all in the same platform from various public and private databases.
  • Access to prior files to allow the searcher to quickly pull in exceptions and requirements from previous works.
  • A generated Title Search Report (TSR).
  • Rules-based search analysis technology to obtain needed results.

Using Advanced Title Search, you can improve your search and examination efficiency. This web-based search management application provides an automated and efficient title search process that enables the searcher/examiner to complete all steps, from searching to the completed Title Search Report in a timely manner.

Self-Paced Learning

For immediate training or a refresher on a specific topic, refer to the following training resources.

The ATS ProcessQuick ReferenceN/A
ATS Basics & Navigation
ATS Interactive Run SheetQuick ReferenceN/A

To learn more about OCR, click the links below.

OCR and Smart ViewerWebinar5:40

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Learn more about each release by reading the Release Notes.

DateVersionNoteNew Features
July 18, 20209.22.0Release Notes
June 20, 20209.21.20Release Notes
May 16, 20209.20.0Release Notes
April 11, 20209.19.0Release Notes
March 14, 20209.18.0Release Notes
February 15, 20209.17.0Release Notes
January 18, 20209.16.0Release Notes
December 14, 20199.15.0Release Notes
November 16, 20199.14.0Release NotesDemo #1, Demo #2
October 12, 20199.13.0Release Notes
September 14, 20199.12.0Release Notes
August 17, 20199.11.0Release Notes
July 13, 20199.10.0Release Notes
June 15, 20199.9.0Release Notes
May 18, 20199.8.0Release Notes
April 13, 20199.7.0Release Notes
March 16. 20199.6.0Release NotesDemo
February 16, 20199.5.0Release NotesInteractive Demo
January 19, 20199.4.0Release NotesInteractive Demo