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Have you heard? AIM+ 9.5.3 releases on Thursday, October 19th and includes several enhancements available for you:

  • New! To enhance policy and CPL charge reporting, CPL Charges will now link with a policy that is being issued/transmitted. 
  • The policy to which the CPL Charges is linked will display on the Policy Register Report under the Original Policy Number column as well as on the Policy Transmittal Module screen and reports.

For more information on features available with AIM+ 9.5.3, refer to the Release Notes.

Date New Features Version Details
October 19, 2023 Refresh CPL Data      9.5.3    Release Notes
June 24, 2022 CPL Charges display in Policy Register Report 9.3.1 Release Notes
June 10, 2022 Types of funds drop-down  9.3 Release Notes
April 8, 2022 Transaction Type Mapping  9.2 Release Notes
October 22, 2021 TIEFF Field 9.1 Release Notes
August 20, 2021

CertifID Confirm Bank Details

9.0 Release Notes

June 19, 2021

CertifID 1-to-1 Mapping


Release Notes

March 20, 2021

CertifID Integration


Release Notes

Video Demo

January 15, 2021

Revenue Reporter

(for Commercial Services only)


Release Notes

November 20, 2020

Disbursements & 1099-S


Release Notes

Video Demo

May 15, 2020

Policy Simultaneous Issue



April 19, 2020

Stewart Access Integration


Release Notes

Video Demo