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Have you heard? AIM+  9.0 releases on Friday, August 20th and includes several enhancements available for you:

  • A new Collect Bank Details feature has been added to the Wire Confirmation screen allowing you to collect your party’s bank details or request recipient details.
  • CPL Premium Tax now appears on Policy Register Report.
  • New individual fields have been added in Place of Settlement for other address information on ALTA statements.
  • Several labels, such as Confirm Wiring Info and Send Wiring Info, have been renamed as Confirm Bank Details and Send Wire Instructions, respectively, in the Wire Confirmation module.

CertifID allows for the safe transfer of wire information to buyers and the validation and authentication of seller’s wire information. Every transaction protected by CertifID is guaranteed up to $1,000,000.

What this means for you? Using AIM+ and your CertifID Account ID, you can access wire confirmation tools to help confirm and send wiring information safely and securely. 

To learn how to use these Wire Confirmation features , check out this Quick Video Demo for a brief tutorial. You can also book time with a CertifID representative to learn more. 

For more information on features available with AIM+ 8.9, refer to the Release Notes.

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Date New Features Version Details
August 20, 2021

CertifID Confirm Bank Details

8.8 Release Notes

June 19, 2021

CertifID 1-to-1 Mapping


Release Notes

March 20, 2021

CertifID Integration


Release Notes

Video Demo

May 15, 2020 Policy Simultaneous Issue 8.4.3 Communication

January 15, 2021

Revenue Reporter

(for Commercial Services only)


Release Notes

November 20, 2020

Disbursements & 1099-S


Release Notes

Video Demo

May 15, 2020

Policy Simultaneous Issue



April 19, 2020

Stewart Access Integration


Release Notes

Video Demo