Protecting Your Business and Clients With an Escrow Security Bond

To succeed in today's regulatory environment as title and attorney agents, you must be able to show clients and prospects you have the right insurance in place to protect against theft of escrow funds. Having this insurance will not only protect the escrow funds you handle, it will help secure the solvency of your business.

The Escrow Security Bond is a unique fidelity bond underwritten by Lloyd's of London that protects agents from financial loss due to fraudulent activities, including theft of escrow funds. While agents may have crime coverage through other forms of business or liability insurance policies, many times it will not protect escrow funds from theft or meet lenders’ needs in the new regulatory environment.

The Escrow Security Bond provides specific coverage that addresses the concerns of lenders while also supplying coverage that title and attorney agents need. This includes coverage such as:

As title and attorney agents needing to secure a place in the real estate transaction, you should strongly consider obtaining a bond to protect the escrow funds handled for your clients. The Escrow Security Bond is specifically crafted to meet this industry need. For more information on the Escrow Security Bond call Stewart Specialty Insurance Services at 866-845-4676 or apply online at