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Our 2021 Guide to Working from Home | Stewart Title Blog

Published on: January 09, 2021


For those able to work remotely, finding the right work/life balance is essential. Here at Stewart, many of our associates began working remotely in 2020 in order to keep a safe environment for all. As we enter the new year, we wanted to take a moment to highlight what we like to do to stay productive and creative while working from home. From ways to organize your work area to easy routines to adopt, these WFH tips and tricks will help take your 2021 goals to the next level.

For Your Home:

  • If you can, separate your work area from your bedroom. This forces you to get up and “go to work.”
  • If you live and work out of a small space, keep a designated area for your work (like a desk or dining table) and make sure to turn your monitors off at the end of the day. It allows you to fully unplug from your work life and switch to home life.
  • Treat yourself to a candle or aromatherapy mister. Unlike in an office where you would be considerate of your teammates, at home you can use whatever scents you like to keep your energy up.

  For Your Daily Routine:

  • Make sure you take regular breaks. Get up and go outside, stretch, jump on the elliptical. It’s good to get some fresh air to keep your productivity up.
  • Stay hydrated – it’s a good hourly break to get up and make sure to drink a cup of water.
  • Meal prep! Even though we are at home, cooking all your daily meals can eat into the workday. Cooking ahead also stops you from reaching for convenience foods that make you lethargic mid-day.
  • Take some time to get dressed in the morning. Getting ready for work can be a fun way to start your day, especially if you trade your business casual workwear for some professional yet comfortable loungewear.

  For Your Work:

  • If you are sharing your workspace with a partner or roommate, have a morning chat to go over each other’s schedule for the day. This ensures you aren’t overlapping important meetings/calls.
  • Stay in touch with your team. Since you can’t see your co-workers in the office lounge or cafeteria, take some time to say hello to them via chat or video call.
  • Create Work to-do and Personal to-do lists to help you tackle the daily tasks. Work and personal tasks can sometimes overlap and writing them out can help you tackle your work items during work hours and your personal items after hours.