6 Ways to Stage Your Home for Spring

Are you preparing to list your home on the market this spring? Staging your home for sale can improve the overall value of your home simply by styling it effectively. We’ve previously gone over the basics of how to stage your home, click here to read the blog, however there are other things you can do to go above and beyond. With spring officially in progress, here are some spring 2021 home décor trends that you can use to elevate your space.

Spring Blooms

Take advantage of the spring season and style your home with seasonal cut flowers or potted plants. From a bouquet of tulips in the kitchen to a potted orchid in the office, seeing plants in any space makes your home feel even more inviting. Added tip, these plants don’t have to be fresh. Silk flowers can do the job on a budget and can be moved into your new space once you move.

Freshen Up Your Curb Appeal

Kick your yard up a notch. Consider adding seasonal plants, fresh mulch, and fertilizing your grass to make it as plush and green as possible. You want potential homeowners to envision lounging on the lawn with their friends and family.

Think Cozy

With the pandemic still our new normal, people are seeking comfy, cozy spaces. Look to incorporate homey decorative elements into your space. From vintage coffee table books, natural textures, to cushy throw pillows, these are easy things to find or buy to style your home.

Subtle Pops of Color

Bright yellow and light grey are the colors forecasted to stand out this year, according to Pantone. Whether you go big with a punchy yellow front door, or lean classic with soft touches of grey, these colors will breathe life into your space.

Stage Your Home Office

As offices remain closed and people continue to work from home, having a home office will be a value-add to your property. Build the creative space people are hunting for by styling a room with a comfortable desk and chair, and then consider accessorizing with a bookshelf or wall art. Adding functionality to your home will make your listing that much more competitive.

Break a Sweat With a Home Gym

Provide a space where people can work out to their heart’s content. In addition to stepping away from office-life, people are also looking to alternatives to their favorite gym. If you have any fitness equipment or yoga mats, try styling them in a vacant room to lend the feeling of a home gym. Are you ready to stage your home for sale? This is one of the first major steps of getting your property ready to sell. To learn more about the overall selling process, read more below: