2023 President’s Club Members

Congratulations to Our 2023 President's Club Members

Honoring the dedication and achievements of our exceptional team members is part of Stewart’s DNA. As we continue our journey to become the premier title services company and an organization renowned for attracting, nurturing, and retaining top-tier talent, we take immense pride in unveiling the esteemed members of the 2023 Stewart President’s Club.

President's Club is a way for Stewart to reward and acknowledge individuals who help us meet our revenue growth business goals with world-class service and experience.

The following employees not only surpassed financial benchmarks in 2023 but also fostered invaluable connections within the real estate, title and lending communities.

Here are the members of the 2023 President’s Club:

Agency Services

Jim Shannon, George Naumoff, Ruth Kohl, Greg Holtz, Bill Himmelreich, Colleen Devlin, Amy Zemple, Brian Luccio, Brian Foley, Kellie Garner, Lisa Goodsell, Steve Smith, Mary Blomerth

National Commercial Services

Dawn Anderson, Ilene Eckert, Jack Foley, Chris Cantafio, Derek Carston, Vanessa Robins

Direct Operations Sales

Ginna Gemma, Jerry Wu, Johanna Simental, Sherry Anderson, Alexa Vertucci, Michael Bock, Morgan Chaney, Susan Bush, Andy Granberg, Holly Hasbrouk, Jacqui Chapman, Misty Hanson, Gerard Canavan, Kathryn Scheldroup, Brian Hayes, Tammy Kloehn, Becky Bohannan, Bob Roberts, Brian Mignosa, Christina Hayes, Jamie Hensley, Shawna Fletcher, Jane Matthews, Beverly Schrenker, Billy Jo Pearson, Maria Perez, Sarah Minneman, Shannon Corwin, Brent Ross, Tiffany Ranft, Carol Merz, Brad Reid, Christi Hughes, Mark Day, Melissa Jackman, Samantha Buchite, Shauna Money, Sherry Holmes, Janae Cutshall

Lender National Services

Carleen Creedon, Amanda Harvey, Shannon Santos, Blair Biehle