Stewart Agency Economic Summary Report, 2Q24

Analysis of Financial Bars and Line Graphs

Economically Speaking, the Year Ahead Is Still Uncertain

With the first quarter of 2024 behind us, the possibility of several Federal Reserve rate cuts (as many as seven entering the quarter to three at its close) and the timing of those cuts is now in question, continuing the concern over mortgage-rate movement.

How will this surprising turn affect the real estate market downstream? Jeff Lanier, Stewart Vice President of Agency Finance, has released his Q2 2024 Economic Summary. Here’s a preview of what title agents can expect.

Considering the Macroeconomic Environment, Will the Second Half of 2024 Begin to Take Off or Will the More Conservative View Prevail?

According to Lanier, there are leading and lagging indicators suggesting a strong economy. Of course, these have implications on the Fed’s decision about the funds rate, the spread between the 10- year note and the 30-year mortgage rate and the housing market.

How will the Fed achieve its long-stated desire to reach a two-percent funds rate with competing unknowns in motion?

What Title Agents Should Do Next

Information has always been the best defense against uncertain market conditions. Agents need to be informed and prepared to succeed. Download Jeff Lanier’s Q2 2024 Economic Report and take appropriate action to protect your business interests.

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