Stewart Title

Keep Your Sphere In Sight With Stewart Title

There’s nothing worse than missing an opportunity with people you know, especially when they’re buying or selling a home. Our database optimizer helps you update and analyze the future of your database. It makes it easy to stay on top of potential opportunities.

The database optimizer will show you:

  • Change in ownership via vesting change recorded (quit claim, gift, affidavit of death, interspousal/interfamily deeds)
  • Sale of the property
  • Additional mortgages
  • Refi activity
  • Foreclosure activity

It’s simple to get started. Just send us your property address and/or parcels in Excel format. We’ll upload your list and return your optimized results. Additionally, contact me to couple your optimized results with our Forever Farm product to stay on top of future opportunities in your sphere.

The fee for this (farm) service is $2.05 plus tax.

In order to comply with Washington State Insurance Commissioner regulations, we are required to charge and collect fees in advance of fulfilling your request, where applicable.​

For more information fill out the form below and our team will contact you.