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Providing Lenders with an Enhanced Borrower Experience

Here's an opportunity to elevate the consumer experience you provide for your borrowers - just by selecting Stewart Lender Services as your title and settlement provider. Stewart Enterchange™ is the online consumer collaboration portal that securely facilitates the transaction between the consumer and Stewart. It provides direct communication, document and information exchange, and electronic signing of title-related documents within the platform.

The convenience and efficiency borrowers expect

Today’s consumers expect a convenient experience. With Stewart Enterchange's mobile-first design, they have everything at their fingertips using the device of their choice. There is no phone tag or unsecure borrower emails containing sensitive information. Enterchange drives what information is requested from the borrower, based upon transaction type, property state, loan product and lender requirements. Within minutes of receiving an order, we initiate a request to the borrower for any necessary information which will expedite the path to closing.

Through the Enterchange platform, borrowers can:

  • Upload documents
  • Download documents for wet signature
  • eSign eligible documents
  • Associate a name and a face with the title company
  • Send direct messages to Stewart and view conversation history
  • Access the contact panel to speed communications
  • Utilize ADA-compliant features to ensure the best experience for everyone
  • Select signing preferences: eSign, mobile notary or in-office
  • Review educational resources that provide clarity on the process

The security of a single platform

To protect both lender and borrower, Enterchange has multifactor authentication to ensure communication and documents are secure, unlike emails sent through a personal email account. Everything goes through the secure portal.

Enterchange improves the borrower experience

Creating the best experience for your borrower is important, and your title provider is responsible for much of that experience. Even if you invest to create the best experience for your borrower, a title provider using antiquated communications dilutes the borrower experience. Stewart and Enterchange streamline the borrower experience and create a favorable borrower impression that can result in repeat business.

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