Top Apps for Real Estate Agents

There’s a whole world of apps that can make your job easier. Use the information here and in our short videos to help decide which ones will let you put your smartphone and other devices to work for you.

Lead Generation Apps

Typical lead generation app features let you receive lead push notifications and instantly get in contact with new buyers. You can call, text, email and manage leads, and perform a keyword search to find leads. This video includes examples of lead generation apps.

Home Search Apps

Home search apps let you search for houses and condos by address, city or ZIP code. You can draw custom search boundaries, filter listings by size and amenities, and compare fair-market values of apartments and houses. This video includes examples of home search apps.

CRM Apps

With CRM apps, you can keep database and outreach efforts current, focus on follow-ups and personal interactions, respond to more leads, increase productivity and, ultimately, close more deals. This video includes examples of CRM apps.

Scanner Apps

The typical features on scanner apps let you quickly capture documents, expense receipts and whiteboards. You can share, save, print and upload scans to the cloud or to other apps, recognize and edit text from your scans, eSign any document, and cut, copy or paste pages to and from iScanner. This video includes examples of scanner apps.

eSignature Apps

Typical eSIgnature apps let you fill out and eSign documents, send completed documents via email and storage apps, import and prepare documents entirely on your device, set the signing order and workflow for multiple signers, and receive real-time push notifications. Watch this video for more details.

Storage Apps

Typical storage app features let you preview hundreds of file types with full screen quality, store and access files from any device, share files, get real-time updates on those shared files, and view files offline. This video includes examples of storage apps.

Transaction Management Apps

With transaction management apps, you can create forms, eSign documents, manage transactions, automate workflow, create collaborative workspaces, and receive instant notifications about signings and status. This video includes examples of transaction management apps.

Notes Apps

Notes apps let you record audio and take notes at lectures, meetings, interviews and conferences, and write, collect, and capture ideas as searchable notes, notebooks, checklists and to-do lists. Typical features let you sync content across any computer, phone or tablet, and share, discuss and collaborate with others. This video includes examples of notes apps.

Email Apps

Typical email app features let you categorize emails, invite teammates to discuss specific emails and threads, schedule emails, create and share secure links to specific emails or conversations, and send video emails and texts to contacts. This video includes examples of email apps.

Onsite Apps

With onsite apps, you can create floor plans, and browse, view and download featured spaces. These apps typically let you view plans in 2D and create 3D models, and export plans in several formats, including PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG, CSV and DXF. Some let you create virtual tours with 360° panoramas. This video includes examples of onsite apps.

Camera Apps

Typical camera app features let you use manual controls, capture and edit in RAW format, choose from several shooting modes, integrate photo libraries, and generally work faster and more efficiently. This video includes examples of camera apps.

Expenses Apps

Typical features let you track and submit receipts and expenses, receive next-day direct deposit reimbursement, track mileage, integrate with accounting software, and create and submit expense reports via email. This video includes examples of expenses apps.

Video Apps

With video apps, you can shoot high-resolution videos of homes and rooms at high-speed frame rates, edit and share videos, create useful workflows, use predefined and custom presets, and configure time-lapse recording. This video includes examples of video apps.

Open House Apps

Open house apps let you create digital sign-in sheets with customizable questions, log visitor notes, export leads, create shareable single-property websites, and simplify open house lead collection. This video includes examples of open house apps.

CMA Apps

CMA apps typically let you receive notifications of any account activity, keep all your listings and showings in one place, manage all your showing feedback, automatically schedule showings, and create digital property flyers. This video includes examples of CMA apps.

Stewart Title endorses helping you create a better experience and making your job easier, but we don’t officially endorse any of the specific apps that we’ve mentioned. And not all features are available on all apps.

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