Stewart announces the formation of Stewart Global Solutions

Houston (June 9, 2008) - Stewart Real Estate Information (REI) Group, Inc., is pleased to announce the formation of Stewart Global Solutions, created for the purpose of pursuing international land administration and modernization projects in emerging markets.

Stewart has participated in overseas title and project activity for many years. The formation of this entity for the targeted pursuit of large global land projects is a first for the Stewart REI Group.

"Stewart Global Solutions provides the Stewart organization with a strongly-focused, clearly directed, and strategically timed entrée into the global markets by leveraging our amassed land administration expertise and proven land records management tools", stated Don O'Neill, senior vice president and group president of Stewart REI Group, Inc. and region manager for the REI Region of Stewart Title Guaranty Company.

Stewart Global Solutions is working on projects primarily in emerging markets and is providing services and solutions that include all aspects of implementing a transparent, equitable, timely, reliable and accurate land records system. In contrast to the United States, which has a strong legal and functional land title recording systems (i.e. county clerks, licensed surveyors, real estate appraisers, land laws, title insurance, etc.), most emerging markets are lacking these fundamental mechanisms for identifying and protecting individual land ownership rights. Stewart Global Solutions provides a wide range of offerings to these countries assisting them in modernizing their property rights processes and procedures, including, but not limited to:

i. Development of land policy and regulatory frameworks
ii. Conducting needs assessments and development of the subsequent strategic plans
iii. Performance of system design
iv. Implementation of our flagship Landfolio® software for an integrated registration/cadastre/taxation solution
v. Providing data collection, real estate asset inventory and mapping services
vi. Training and support for the users
vii. The provision of ongoing maintenance of the lands records system

"More and more of the world is learning what Stewart has known and stated for many years: secure land titles, transparent transactions and equitable processes are one of the primary keys to creating stable governments, viable economies, wealth and empowered citizens", O'Neill continues.

About Stewart

Stewart REI Group, Inc. and Stewart Title Guaranty Company are wholly owned subsidiaries of Stewart Information Services Corp. (NYSE-STC), a customer-driven, technology-enabled, strategically competitive, real estate information, title insurance and transaction management company. Stewart provides title insurance and related information services required for settlement by the real estate and mortgage industries throughout the United States and international markets. Stewart also provides post-closing lender services, automated county clerk land records, property ownership mapping, geographic information systems, property information reports, flood certificates, document preparation, background checks and expertise in tax-deferred exchanges. More information can be found at