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July 2006
Mortgage Financing in Mexico Increasing for U.S. Buyers

April 2006
Mexico Outlook

November 2005
Being "in the Know" About Complicated Mexico

May 2005
A U.S. Standard of Title Assurance on Mexico Land

August 2005
Residential Investment in Mexico Exceeds U.S. Returns

February 2005
Mexican Real Estate Has Changed Dramatically

August 2004
Arizona - Sonora Expand Bilateral Cooperation

May 2004
Residency Requirements in Mexico for Tax Exemption Purposes *

March 2004
"Escrowed" Funds Flee Cabo Market Once Again

November 2003
Rocky Point Landscape Continues to Improve

July 2003
Task Force on Mexico Protects Arizonans

February 2003
Mexico Market Update 2003

November 2002
Mexico Offers an Investment Alternative

August 2002
Arizona Pilots Mexico Real Estate Reform

May 2002
Third Party Escrow in Mexico Is a Must

February 2002
Mexico After 9/11 - Outlook 2002

August 2001
When Does Real Estate Close in Mexico?

September 2000
U.S. Financing on Mexican Residences

June 2000
Title Insurance in Mexico More Than Just a Policy

March 2000
Ejido Land Vs. Private Property - What'S the Difference?

November 1999
Caveat Emptor - Mexico Buyers Should Be "Aware"

October 1999
Buying Property South of the Border

August 1999
Crossing the Title Assurance Border in Mexico

May 1999
Subdivisions in Sonora Not Unlike Arizona