Business Process Center of Stewart Pakistan

Our Business Process Services

Document Management Services

At Stewart Pakistan, we provide one‐window operation to handle the biggest dilemma of the business community – how to manage paper information. A commodity which often becomes useless when stacked in bulk, but when electronically transformed becomes the most important business tool in an organization to make timely and informed decisions which are vital for the progress of an enterprise.

We provide a wide range of Document Management services to support the management of confidential documents and information so that it can be organized, stored and shared efficiently and appropriately.

Our area of expertise includes but not limited to:

  • Data Entry / Processing (online and offline both)
  • Text and PDF to XML Conversion
  • Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)
  • Database Generation and Indexing
  • Conversion to TIFF and PDF
  • Files Splitting and Stitching
  • Image Tagging and Indexing
  • Objective and Subjective Coding
  • High Speed Scanning

Operational Services

This group handles all the back office functions that a corporation requires for the smooth running of its operations. Its function is to provide the essential business support services to key departments such as Accounts and Finance, HR, Sales and Marketing, Customer Relations etc. Our teams work closely with the front office to make sure the required accuracy, confidentiality and the client mandated turn-around delivery time is observed.

Our Operational Services include:

  • Back Office Support
  • Service Request Management
  • Task Management - Tracking, Reporting & Resolution
  • Finance / Accounts Management
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Project Services
  • Human Resource Records
  • Internet Content Management
  • Insurance Quoting Services