Michael Parkan

  • Vice President, Technology Support Services
  • Office: (713) 625-8084

Michael Parkan is the founder and president of CTO 24/7. As CTO 24/7 advances by helping clients remain at the top of their game with innovative use of technology; Michael’s market vision, leadership, entrepreneurial philosophy and values have been a pivotal factor in behind the company's success. While many other technology companies have struggled to achieve remarkable levels of customer loyalty and satisfaction, Michael’s farsightedness has catapulted CTO 24/7 way ahead in competition.

Parkan initially started CTO 24/7 with the goal of creating an organization that would bring vast company software development capabilities to the SMB market. The idea was to alliance with management, processes, tools, and talent (both local and remote) – typically available only to the largest organizations – to create world class solutions for smaller clients looking for ways to use technology to drive business results.

Over time, he became aware that while the software his company created was bringing a wide range of benefits to clients, there were occasions were software alone, or technology in general, were not always the best or the only solution to a client's needs. In response to this observation, he expanded the company service offerings to include additional Business Process Support and Transformation services, allowing CTO 24/7 to bring best-fit, highest ROI solutions to clients.

As the company grew, CTO 24/7 provided these varied services to a wide range of organizations - from startups to multiple companies, in the Fortune 500. In December of 2012, CTO 24/7 was acquired by Stewart Information Services Corporation (SISCO, NYSE:STC) as part of an initiative to embrace globalization and welcome it as a transformational lever within the organization. Parkan continues to lead the offshore operations within Stewart by bridging the individual, cultural, and organizational boundaries henceforth, to assimilate the global execution capabilities of the company.