Nadeem Ahmed

  • Director, Information Technology
  • Office: (713) 232-4377

Apart from being the Director of Global Technology Center, Nadeem is also one of the founding members of CTO 24/7. A career spanning to over 21 years, Nadeem's contributions in CTO 24/7 extend to Networks, System Analysis and Design, Software Development and Team Management.

Nadeem is a graduate of F.C. College, Lahore. Afterwards, he went on to pursue a post graduate diploma in Software Engineering from the National College of Computer Sciences, Lahore.

In 1992, Nadeem started his career as an IT Instructor and a year later he joined the Health Department, Government of the Punjab as a Software Developer. After gaining valuable experience, he then moved to the MIS department of Descon Engineering in 1996. Nadeem's commitment and passion lead him to the position of managing the entire software development department at Descon Information Systems.

Nadeem also enjoyed imparting the knowledge gathered throughout his career, as a part-time teacher at various IT institutions till the end of year 2000.