Technology Center of Stewart Pakistan

Global Technology Center (GTC) is a technology-based business solutions provider to clients all around the world. In liaison with SISCO's global vision, GTC's primary expertise lies in the development of solutions for the title insurance arena.

GTC's core competencies include in the areas of software development, support, telecom and quality assurance. Our software solutions are technology driven, yet customers are the core center in our methodology for development of flawless and breakthrough solutions. The continuous streak of successes brought CTO 24/7 into the limelight and eventually lead the way for acquisition by Stewart.

As we strive and continue our progress, the journey has been fulfilling and provides the drive for more. We grow and expand our enterprise by seeking further opportunities.

Currently, we are engaged in the following service areas:

  • Software Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Telecom and Network Operations Support
  • Enterprise Application Support

Global Technology Services

Software Development

Encompassing all phases of SDLC, Stewart Pakistan offers Application Development and Maintenance Services.

The firm also helps Stewart make better use of their existing IT applications through maintainability analysis, responsive services and application enhancements.

We also provide application support for a variety of applications and their users. Our onshore and offshore teams are available round the clock to timely and efficiently fix their day to day problems.

Stewart Pakistan encourages its technical resources for trainings and keeps them updated on latest tools, technologies and best practices. This is the reason our Software Development teams have excellent expertise in latest tools and technologies, listed below.

  • C#
  • ASP.Net
  • Ext JS
  • WCF
  • Various Imaging Toolkits
  • Business Intelligence tools
  • VB.Net
  • jQuery
  • MVC4
  • MS SQL Server
  • Siebel CRM
  • Dynamics CRM

Quality Assurance

Stewart Pakistan uses a highly customer-centric approach, aiming to deliver the best to its customers.

Our quality assurance teams closely review and test the work done by the Development Teams through the the use of advanced automated testing tools.

A robust set of Stewart Pakistan's SDLC processes are firmly followed, which ensures that each and every deliverable is reviewed and closed by quality assurance team. They hold extensive expertise and provide offshore quality assurance services to our customers.

Many times, the Quality Assurance services are inadequate and inconsistent - producing more problems than help in development of the required solution. However, our highly skilled Quality Assurance personnel will ensure smooth sailing all the way.

Telecom and Network Operations Support

In 2013, we expanded our range of services to include remote network and telecom operational support to Stewart. Stewart has about 400 sites all over the U.S which are connected to the main office in Houston for their day-to-day operations. Our telecom team works round-the-clock to provide assistance for any upgrades and technical issues.

The team delivers the following set of services:

  • Design, implement, maintain and support Data Center and remote sites of Stewart Enterprise WAN.
  • Develop highly repeatable network design standards for the Telecommunications Department.
  • Provide third level technical support for all network related operational issues.
  • Participate in the ongoing support and maintenance of existing network infrastructure.
  • Work in an enterprise IT environment with specific tasks related to network security, firewalls administration, access and perimeter control, vulnerability management, intrusion detection and security monitoring.

Enterprise Application Support

The Enterprise Applications team manages the 2nd and 3rd level support of many enterprise applications at Stewart. Enterprise applications include Financial, Title & Escrow, Closing and other few other systems.

The team performs various tasks pertaining to developmental and business intelligence; troubleshooting and data conversions on these applications which includes resolving various data related issues.

They also investigate bugs to the relevant development teams. All in all, their quick turnaround time and prompt services save time and trouble of many Stewart internal and external customers.