What (or Who) is a Minor?

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One who because of insufficient age or status is legally incapable of making contracts.

The term typically refers to the legal age of minority, which is the age at which a person is considered a minor or a child under the law. The specific age of minority can vary from country to country and sometimes within different jurisdictions within a country.

In many countries, including the United States, the age of majority (when a person is considered an adult) is generally set at 18 years old. Before reaching the age of majority, individuals are typically considered minors and may have certain legal restrictions and protections. For example, they may require parental consent for certain activities, such as signing contracts, getting married, or making medical decisions.

It is important to note that laws regarding the age of majority can vary, and some countries or jurisdictions may have different ages set as the threshold for adulthood. Additionally, there can be specific laws and regulations regarding the rights and responsibilities of minors that vary by jurisdiction, such as restrictions on working hours, driving privileges, or alcohol consumption.