World renowned for unparalleled style, Puerto Rico’s hottest getaway, La Concha Resort, has been offering guests relaxation and exotic tastes since 1958. And upon the property’s 50th anniversary, Marvel & Marchand Architects gave the resort a fresh look while maintaining its status as the architectural wonder that epitomized the tropical modernism movement.

In addition to several exquisite restaurants on the property, guests find themselves entranced by breathtaking ocean views and suites with all pleasures included. Just 15 minutes from the many tourist destinations and business districts of Old San Juan, La Concha offers unrivaled service at its seaside oasis.

Tropical breezes take La Concha’s guests into the surf where they can enjoy amenities such as swimming, snorkeling, diving, kayaking and even windsurfing. Come nightfall, a renewed energy sweeps over the island, awakening the Caribbean’s most trendy and luxurious resort. An on-site 15,000-square-foot casino, two elegant pools and the famed Perla restaurant, shaped like an oyster shell, bring out the best of Latino entertainment and style.

And which title company was there to underwrite this exciting redevelopment?
San Juan Abstract Co., a Stewart company, of course!


International Hospitality Enterprises


International Hospitality Enterprises


Marvel & Marchand Architects, LLP


Puerto Rico Development Services Group


Scotiabank Puerto Rico, Government Development Bank

Title Insurance:

San Juan Abstract Co., a Stewart company